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Misc drum sticks of natural materials for creating rhythm

Getting Into Rhythm

Today is Friday. Knowing that, I have a few expectations of how the day will unfold and what’s waiting on my to-do list. The week, the month, each day has its own routines that create a rhythm to my week. It feels good to have rhythm in our lives. And although we may fight against …

Happy hippy symbols in silhouette of thankful raised hands against sunrise.

Attitude of Gratitude

So I’ve decided that it would be helpful to have a regular focus word or phrase. Since our goal is to become stronger, better, more intentional, it makes sense to highlight character traits we’d like to embody. With that in mind, let’s start this Thanksgiving week with an “attitude of gratitude.” There’s been much talk …

Young girl in temper tantrum laying on ground.

Decisions or Emotions?

I don’t feel like working out today. I have dozens of reasons, and they’re all valid. Honestly – if Mom wrote a note to excuse me from class, the teacher would accept it. I mean, I’ve been diligent for almost two weeks, without a full day of rest. Doesn’t my body need it? Haven’t I …