Are You Ready for a Life that Works?

Then welcome, my friend – I like your style!

ToughBaby is all about taking charge of a life you love.

Hi, I’m Dana, small-town Wisconsin girl and busy wife, mom & serial entrepreneur.

For decades I’ve been nerding out on self-improvement, productivity, and healthy living. (Yep – I’m one of “those” people.)

Despite that, my life was a Hot Mess: Too many moves, too many hobbies, too many side-hustles, too many obligations…

And no system in place to manage it all.

Oh – Did I mention I’m ADHD?

Meet ToughBaby

ToughBaby Superhero
TOUGHBABY: Master Your Mayhem

Then in 2019, “ToughBaby” came to me – kinda like a fairy godmother – when my twin granddaughters were born critically ill. (Read about Presley and Riley, the original ToughBabies, here.) She scolded me that it was time to get my crap together already. Here were two tiny babies, fighting for their lives, and I was frittering mine away in a cloud of chaos.

I wasn’t a ToughBaby. I was a PuffBaby!

Some things in life make us take a long, hard look in the mirror. This was one of them, and I was convicted: It was time to finally Master My Mayhem.

Now I’m on a mission to get my life together, with ToughBaby making me toe the line. I’m learning new habits, getting serious about health, and finally writing this blog I’ve been dancing around.

I want to be a ToughBaby. And I’m looking for a tribe of amazing women who want that, too.

The ToughBaby in You

You know your inner ToughBaby, don’t you?

You want “something more” than just getting by, but it’s just not working.

Life seems scattered and unmanageable. It feels like you swim in circles – paddling water like a madwoman, but never making progress.

You set goals in the morning and fall away by noon. Your house is a mess, your chores overwhelming and you can’t find your keys again.

You feel like you’re failing the people who count on you. And it crushes your spirit, but you can’t do more.

You feel zapped. Exhausted. And there’s no time left for you.

Let’s change that.

The Path Forward

Sometimes the hardest part is just knowing where to start – and then sticking with it.

If this sounds like you, then stick around, my friend. This is my journey, too.

Let’s do this thing together:

  • HEALTH: Personalized skin care, energy resets and healthy routines for a happy you.
  • HABITS: ADHD-friendly hacks & systems to organize your life and manage your time.
  • HUSTLE: Hobby, side-hustle or full-time, find your niche in a creative pursuit. Own your magic!

ToughBaby celebrates where you’ve been, where you are and the person you’re becoming as you move forward.

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Some Random Stuff About Me

  • My name is odd: It’s pronounced Danna (short “a”, rhymes with Anna), not Dayna (long “a,” rhymes with Shayna). Say it right, and you’re my friend for life!
  • My superpower is my freakish sense of smell. It is not a blessing.
  • I have the magic ability to fold paper in perfect triplicate. I know! It amazes me, too.
  • I’m so fashion challenged that I actually trained – and certified – as a personal stylist and color consultant. I still don’t get my own personal style, but I now have the skills to know how bad it is.
  • I love opera music and don’t personally know anyone who else who does.
  • Life is an adventure! I’ve moved 37 times (once using a shopping cart), attended seven different schools and had 16 unique jobs – plus freelance copywriting/editing and umpteen gigs in direct sales.

I think you’re amazing. I believe in you. I know you can do anything, and I know you’re ready to shine.

Go shine your light,


Image by lisa runnels from Pixabay