Self Care

Decisions or Emotions?

Young girl in temper tantrum laying on ground.

I don’t feel like working out today. I have dozens of reasons, and they’re all valid.

Honestly – if Mom wrote a note to excuse me from class, the teacher would accept it.

I mean, I’ve been diligent for almost two weeks, without a full day of rest. Doesn’t my body need it? Haven’t I proven my commitment to this new lifestyle change? Don’t I deserve a day off?

Besides, I think I might be coming down with a cold.

And it’s SNOWING outside, and it’s only October 22! The day is cold, gloomy and sad. I need snuggly comfort, not sweaty exertion.

And anyway, I think today’s class is Pilates. I don’t feel strong enough for Pilates today.

See what I mean? I could go on & on…

But really. What kind of silly little mind games do we play with ourselves? We dive headlong into a shiny new challenge, salivating over at that luscious prize at the end.

And then we turn around and grab at every excuse in the book to let ourselves off the hook.

Why do we DO this?

If we want that golden prize, we must stay the course. If we want better than we have now, we must stick to whatever path we decided to get us there.

Does it matter if I don’t feel like following my plan today?

No, it doesn’t matter.

Go ahead and whine. Complain. Wish you were elsewhere and dream of it different.

Then march your little fanny perpendicular forward, and do it anyway.

Way to go, ToughBaby.

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Dana is a freelance writer, serial entrepreneur and the author of "You Can Make Soap!" Diagnosed with ADHD in her late 40s, she's survived 33 moves, 16 jobs, 5 direct sales gigs and 3 home-building projects - all without medication or jail time. Dana is the Chief Toughie at, where she blogs about habits, hustle, and the brilliance of the human spirit.

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