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Keep Going

Tough woman in marathon climbing over wall with persistence and strength.

Your heart isn’t in it, and your resolve is wavering. Keep going.

The journey is lonely and the work is hard. Do it anyway.

You’ve quit so many times. You’ve chosen and changed so many paths. Continue on course and see this one through.

Sure, your reasons for beginning have changed. But the accomplishment is a reward in itself. And the journey ahead holds gifts you don’t see yet.

Keep going. Silence the little voice that tells you to quit. Strengthen your resolve and show your persistence. You have what it takes to finish this well, and you know it. You’ve always known it.

How will it feel when your journey is finished?

Accomplishment of any goal is worthy and good.

Make yourself proud today. Renew your resolve and keep going –

Image by Mike Foster from Pixabay 



Dana is a freelance writer, serial entrepreneur and the author of "You Can Make Soap!" Diagnosed with ADHD in her late 40s, she's survived 33 moves, 16 jobs, 5 direct sales gigs and 3 home-building projects - all without medication or jail time. Dana is the Chief Toughie at, where she blogs about habits, hustle, and the brilliance of the human spirit.

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