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Marathon runner keeps going with color shower from sidelines.
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Keep Showing Up

We can not always be brilliant. We can not consistently give 100%. Sometimes the battle of the day is simply showing up.

There are days when our work shines. When the muse is present and full of life. Big Mo kicks in, blasts us forward like a magic carpet, and it’s all we can do to keep up with ourselves.

And then there are days when we flounder with nothing. Creativity is a parched, summer desert, and the best we can muster is to check in for roll call.

Energy changes, and that’s okay. We’re designed to ebb and flow.

We dash, we sprint, we walk, we stroll. But we keep moving forward.

The important thing is to keep going, to keep the momentum.

Go slowly today, but keep showing up –

Image by wewake from Pixabay 

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