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Christian cross on forehead as sign of hope and faith.

Gotta Have Faith

Today is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of the Lenten season in the Christian faith. For the next six weeks – until Easter Sunday – devout folks across the globe will fast, pray and eat McDonald’s fish sandwiches. Lent marks the last weeks of Jesus’ life: from the nation’s political and religious unrest, to …

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Shiny key sits on smooth, steady rocks.

The Simple Key to Making the Changes You Want

So you’ve decided to make some changes in your life. You’ve got your eye on the prize, and you’re going after it. You’re going to be stronger, better! Today is the day. You’re ready! You start out high energy, and momentum carries the today. Yes! Day One is under your belt. You feel stronger already. …

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En pointe ballerina balances with grace and steadiness.

Self-Discipline and Everything You Want

Self-discipline is a curious thing. It feels like torture but pays off like Christmas. For some of us (read: ADHD folks), this is magnified tenfold. Self-discipline is all about self regulation. It’s like being our own overseer, boss or parent. We deny ourselves the pleasures of today for bigger returns tomorrow. Or maybe even to …

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