A little bit Superhero.
A Little Bit Fairy Godmother.

Meet ToughBaby

Tired of feeling like a hot mess?

Let’s fix that. ToughBaby helps smart, overwhelmed women create simple habit systems that bring calm, order and purpose.

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ToughBaby, a little bit Fairy Godmother, a little bit Superhero.

Are You Ready?

In just 30 days, 90 days, 180 days…
Life can be the same – or drastically different.
Which do you choose?

30 days

To Change A Habit

90 days

To Change A Mind

180 days

To Change a Life

PuffBaby or ToughBaby?

It’s time to feel better. Let ToughBaby help.
No whining, no drama.

Habit Coach and Health & Wellness Superhero “ToughBaby” is the brainchild & alter-ego of Dana Lynne, adult-ADHD writer/entrepreneur and serial blogger, who spent decades ignoring ToughBaby’s self-care pokes & prompts before finally giving in to the superhero’s advice.

Face it, life is full. Overflowing, even! Most of us have more on our to-do list than open slots in our day. And when we DO finally have free time, we’re too mentally and physically exhausted to be effective.

We don’t need ADHD to feel overwhelmed, disorganized and burnt out!

There’s a better way. For women who are ready and willing, ToughBaby gives a firm, ADHD-friendly nudge toward calm, order and purpose.

There is hope. Her name is ToughBaby.

Strength that Makes a Difference

You are a Leader: Home, Work, Church, Community.
It’s your time, friend. Create the change you wish to see.

What could you accomplish if you had the right tools?

The world has much to offer, and so do you. Imagine your well-managed life… What does it look like?

Energy, Health and Focus

Meaningful Relationships

Purpose and Direction

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Letting go ceremony with giant Chinese lantern released.

Let Go of What Doesn’t Serve You

It’s time to let go of what doesn’t serve you. Life is short, and your purpose is grand.


The Simple Key to Making Changes

In the end, we finish according to what we really want – whether consciously or unconsciously.

Long silver key on rocks, symbolizng the key to change.